ClockBoyz Films

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ClockBoyz TV Series 

Meet The Cast! 


The ClockBoyz TV Series is about 3 young men from Virginia who meet and connect through a group home and a mutual friend Deziel. Wavey is from Virginia Beach, Buzzin is from Norfolk and D-Low is from Portsmouth.

They become known as the ClockBoyz. These young men rise to become bosses in their cities. The ClockBoyz TV Series shows a different side of Virginia never seen before!

The ClockBoyz TV Series will take you through a wide range of emotions and will keep you engaged with twist and turns. You will never guess what's next.

Most importantly the ClockBoyz TV series has over 20 staff members including actors/actresses production staff and other cast members. We are bringing jobs while community and shining a light or issues that have been long overlooked. Along with bringing jobs to a community we would like to build a production studio that will benefit our community and becoming accredited .  This production studio will help us educate  students, provide more jobs, create on the job training and provide our community with a professional production studio for musicians, actors, actresses, producers and  film maker.

The ClockBoyz TV series is the beginning of change in